Falling for Healthy Teeth

Autumn is one of our favorite times of the year around here, but our team falls for healthy teeth and beautiful smiles all year long! There is nothing like a perfectly straight smile, but did you know that orthodontic treatment provides many benefits beyond just how your teeth look? It’s true!

Increased Confidence

One of the major benefits of orthodontic treatment is a boost in confidence! We have seen firsthand how a newly straightened smile can bring a shy patient out of their shell. We’ve also seen the benefits of a renewed sense of confidence in our adult patients who have corrected something that may have bothered them for years.

Health Benefits

Although looking good and feeling good is a major plus to orthodontic work, it’s not the only thing that matters. There are many health benefits to a straight smile too.

1.      Prevent tooth decay and/or gum disease:

  • When we straighten teeth, we correct the spacing issues where food may get caught and missed by brushing and flossing.

2.      Helping with digestion:

  • Once teeth are in their proper and straight position, chewing is more efficient and will help you digest food easier!

3.      Makes brushing and flossing more effective:

  • By eliminating tooth crowding, bite issues, or spacing problems, toothbrushes and floss can reach more surface area and clean teeth more completely.

4.      Can potentially correct speech problems:

  • If a person has a speech problem caused by an over or underbite, orthodontics can correct the orthodontic issue that may help correct speech patterns.

5.      Could help alleviate headaches:

  • In some instances, orthodontic treatment can help alleviate pressure in the mouth that may cause chronic headaches.

6.      Preventative measures for future dental problems:

  • Orthodontic treatment can prevent several common dental problems. From tooth decay, all the way to bone erosion, moving a person’s teeth into their ideal position can negate the need for painful – and expensive – dentistry in the future.

GrateFALL for You!

The benefits of orthodontic care are like the falling leaves – abundant. Dr. Sionit and Dr. Taylor are grateful for all our patients and the opportunity to help improve their smiles and overall dental health. Contact us today to set up an appointment or a complimentary new patient exam.

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