Carmel Valley Orthodontics is proud to offer a wide range of orthodontic treatment options for patients of all ages. By providing personalized care to everyone, we can achieve optimal orthodontic results that will give you the smile of your dreams!

We provide orthodontic services that include, but are not limited to: 

  • Early treatment for children
  • Comprehensive treatment for adolescents and adults
  • Orthodontic treatment accompanied with jaw surgery
  • Limited treatment in conjunction with restorative care
  • Orthodontics as part of a multi-disciplinary care (working closely with your dentist or other specialists)

When it comes to choosing the best treatment plan for your smile, there are numerous options! Are you looking for braces that are colorfully, cool, or nearly invisible? You may not immediately know which treatment you would prefer, and this is where Dr. Sionit and Dr. Taylor are here to help you understand the details of each treatment plan and what best suits your needs. Whichever plan you settle on, you will love the results of your new smile!
Let’s look at your options! 

Traditional Silver Braces  San Diego, CA

Traditional Silver Braces

Even if they are traditional, they are not old-fashioned! Today, metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever. They are also more esthetically pleasing and more efficient. Traditional silver braces allow our patients to customize their appearance with colored bands. Many patients prefer this option to express their personality! 

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Cosmetic Ceramic (Clear) Braces  San Diego, CA

Cosmetic Ceramic (Clear) Braces

Clear braces are a popular option with patients who want their orthodontic treatment to be less noticeable. Ceramic braces work just like metal braces but are made from a different material. They work just as well and achieve the same results, just in a less noticeable way! They are also stain-resistant, so you can smile with confidence!

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Self-Ligating Braces  San Diego, CA

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-Ligating Braces do not need colored bands because the braces itself holds the wire in place. Some patients can have reduced treatment times because of this choice. Your orthodontist will be able to discuss with you whether you are a good candidate for this option! 

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Incognito Hidden Braces  San Diego, CA

Incognito Hidden Braces

This option is 100% custom braces designed to fit behind your teeth and be completely out of view with minimal discomfort or speech interference. Most people who can be treated with traditional braces are also able to be treated with Incognito Hidden Braces. 

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Invisalign®  San Diego, CA


Invisalign® is a set of clear aligner trays that are designed to gently move your teeth into their ideal position. The trays are made from a flexible, clear material that is virtually invisible and easy to clean. Patients love Invisalign® for a subtle way to achieve the perfect smile!
While Invisalign® is a great option for many patients, others may not be good candidates for the treatment. If your orthodontist determines that your orthodontic needs cannot be adequately addressed with Invisalign®, clear braces can be used for those seeking a less noticeable treatment. 

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